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Top 4 Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor Competitors in 2024

Network administrators seeking robust tools to monitor devices and infrastructure components use solutions like Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor. However, the market demands alternatives offering diverse functionalities and pricing structures, especially due to the disadvantages of Solarwinds NPM. 

This article evaluates Solarwinds and introduces the top 4 Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor competitors, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to modern network monitoring needs.

Top 4 Alternatives to Solarwinds NPM

NPM Vendors# of employees# of B2B reviewsAverage rating (out of 5)
SolarWinds NPM2,5002904.5
ManageEngine OpManager3021614.6

* Competitors are order alphabetically.

Selection Criteria

We narrowed down our network performance monitoring tools comparison using three main factors:

  1. Number of employees: We looked at vendors with 15+ employees on LinkedIn.
  2. Number of user reviews: We gave preference to solutions with user reviews from the popular B2B review websites (such as G2 and Capterra), as it indicates a proven track record based on user experiences.
  3. Average review ratings: We selected the vendors with at least 4.5 points.

> Evaluation of Solarwinds & Alternative NPM Tools

1- Solarwinds

Solarwinds is recognized for its extensive network performance monitoring features, including bandwidth monitoring, SNMP monitoring, automated device detection, network packet analysis, and smart network mapping. It’s particularly effective for larger and enterprise-level networks, thanks to its comprehensive features and automated monitoring processes.


Most mentioned pros of Solarwinds are:

  • Intuitive User Interface: The software is praised for its user-friendly interface, making it easy to use even for engineers with less experience.
  • Wide-Ranging Monitoring Tools: It provides a broad spectrum of monitoring options such as SLA, performance, ICMP, SNMP monitoring, configuration backup, and efficient network traffic analysis.
  • Extensive Features: The tool is noted for its superior event notification system and a wide array of pre-configured templates, particularly for application performance monitoring.


Despite its advantages and capabilities, users report the following cons of Solarwinds network performance monitor commonly:

  • High Cost/Pricing: Multiple users mention that the product is expensive. This includes both the initial license cost and the overall cost of ownership.

Source: G21

  • Resource Intensive: There are several mentions of the product being demanding on system resources. This includes the need for high-capacity RAM and processing power.

Source: G22

  • Limited Integration and Functionality Features: This includes limited integration with other enterprise products, lack of automated and responsive network mapping, and the issue of false positive alerts.

Source: G23

  • User Interface and Customization Issues: Users have noted that the user interface feels dated and lacks customization options.

Source: G24


AKIPS Network Monitor is recognized for its scalability and extensive capabilities in monitoring network performance. Its distinguishing features include its proficiency in managing vast network systems and its rapid polling frequency.


  • Effective Monitoring: Excellently manages extensive networks through streamlined processes for extracting SNMP data.
  • Simple Network Configuration Management and Operation: Renowned for its straightforward installation and compatibility with diverse settings and operating systems.
  • Adaptability and Detailed Reporting: Provides flexible customization options and comprehensive reporting tools.


  • User Interface Challenges: The graphical user interface is not particularly intuitive, particularly for users without technical expertise, and it does not incorporate a built-in network map.
AKIPS is one of the strong ones among Solarwinds network performance monitor competitors

Source: Capterra5

3- Auvik

Auvik, a cloud-based tool for monitoring network performance, is noted for its automatic configuration, network mapping capabilities, and alerts for resource usage. It is particularly beneficial for businesses operating across multiple sites, with its advanced traffic analysis features available in its premium plan.


  • Comprehensive Network Visualization: Users value its detailed and user-friendly network mapping, along with real-time visualizations.
  • Simple to Set Up and Operate: Auvik receives praise for its straightforward installation, intuitive user interface, and compatibility with a range of devices and systems.
  • Insightful Information and Documentation: It offers key insights into network structures, aiding in better documentation and troubleshooting for technical staff.


  • Intricacy and Excessive Alerts: Some users perceive Auvik as overly feature-rich and complex, which can make it challenging to navigate and handle the multitude of features and alerts.

Source: G26

4- ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is acclaimed for its proficiency in handling intricate environments, providing systems for monitoring network and wireless network performance, WAN monitoring, and network visualization. It is particularly well-suited for larger businesses or medium-sized enterprises with complex network setups.


  • Adaptability and Multi-functionality: It is noted for its capability to monitor a variety of network devices, servers, and components of IT infrastructure, along with its integration features.
  • User-Friendly Operation and Deployment: The software is valued for its intuitive interface, straightforward installation process, and easy update mechanism.
  • Efficient Notification System: It boasts a powerful and tailorable alert system, which is effective in overseeing network health and performance.


  • Complicated Configuration and Support Challenges: Some users encounter complexities in configuring the tool in large-scale setups and have faced occasional delays or difficulties in receiving support.
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Source: G27

5- NinjaOne

NinjaOne stands out as a unified IT operations platform, encompassing a network performance monitoring solution. It is renowned for its easy-to-use interface and an extensive array of features, including remote monitoring and management (RMM), patch management, and backup functionalities.


  • Simple Installation and Operation: NinjaOne is appreciated for its uncomplicated setup and its efficient yet straightforward scripting features.
  • Strong Integration and Customer Support: The platform is recognized for its solid integration options and its responsive customer service, which includes personal account managers.
  • In-Depth Monitoring and Administration: It offers valuable insights and network management over network infrastructure monitoring, boasting capabilities such as remote desktop access and patch management.


  • Challenges in Automation and Reporting: Some users perceive the automation tools as somewhat complex and seek more elaborate reporting features and enhanced script integration options.
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Source: G28

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