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Top 10+ Sales Video Software in 2024 Based on 6,000+ Reviews

With the rise of video based applications like TikTok, average internet user has been spending more time consuming video over the last 10 years. Video usage in sales is also growing in popularity. A vendor survey claims that 91% of businesses use video for marketing and 30% of marketing videos are created for sales.1

Sales video software can help sales teams enhance relationships with their target audience and reach potential clients. It is one of the most common generative AI applications in sales. By leveraging generative AI for sales videos, sales reps can enhance relationships with their customers, generate more leads and boost productivity.

Top 10+ Sales Video Software

VendorReviewsFree TrialFree Plan# of EmployeesPrice/month for annual subscription
Loom4.7/5 based on 1,843 reviews14-day269$12.5/user for business plan - enterprise plan is not disclosed
Synthesia4.7/5 based on 1,213 reviews1 free video generation315
$22 per 1 editor and 3 guest users in starter plan - $67 per 1 editor and 5 guest users in creator plan - enterprise plan is not disclosed
Vidyard4.5/5 based on 787 reviews14-day228
$19/user for pro plan - $59/user for plus plan - business plan is not disclosed
Hippo Video4.5/5 based on 706 reviews7-day98
$20/user for pro plan - $60/user for teams plan - $80/user for enterprise plan
BombBomb4.7/5 based on 550 reviews14-day88
$33/user for essentials plan - $49/user for plus plan - enterprise plan is not disclosed
Dubb4.6/5 based on 537 reviews7-day18$42/user for pro plan - $90/user for pro plus plan
Sendspark4.8/5 based on 357 reviews7-day29
$12/user for starter plan - $39/user for rapid plan - $129/team for team plan - $449/team for scale plan
Lumen54.6/5 based on 137 reviews48
$19/user for basic plan - $59/user for starter plan - $149/user for professional plan - enterprise plan is not disclosed
Berrycast4.7/5 based on 69 reviews14-day3
$16/user for starter plan - $18/user for professional plan - $29/user for enterprise plan
Potion4.9/5 based on 15 reviews12$247/user for growth plan - $497/user for professional plan
Soapbox by Vistia4.5/5 based on 14 reviews190
$19/user for 3 users in plus plan - $79 for 5 users in pro plan - $319/month for 20 users in advanced plan

The table above is sorted based on the number of reviews. Sources:

  • B2B user reviews: Gartner Peer Insights and G2
  • The number of employees: LinkedIn.
  • Pricing: Vendor websites.

Vendor Selection Criteria

We narrowed down our sales video tools comparison using four main factors:

  1. Average review ratings: Higher review ratings indicate higher user satisfaction. We included vendors that get at least 4.5 points from B2B review websites such as G2 and Capterra.
  2. Number of vendor reviews: We omit vendors with no reviews from G2 and Capterra.
  3. Pricing and free trials: When choosing the right vendor that aligns with your needs, it is vital to check for pricing and free trial options. We included vendors that provide pricing information on their websites.
  4. Key features: We prioritized sales video software that provide in screen recording and AI-powered features including text-to-video generation, video summaries, and script generation.

What is sales video software?

Sales videos support the increasingly digital B2B sales process. Sales video software allows sales reps to efficiently create new personalized videos and monitor their leads’ interactions.

Traditional sales usually involves direct sale methods, such as face-to-face meetings, cold calling, networking events, and mail campaigns. The success of these methods mostly rely on how good sales reps are in persuading and building relationships with customers. It is time-consuming to manually address the needs and expectations of potential leads, reach out and engage with them.

The shift towards digital and remote interactions has fundamentally changed sales processes. Over three quarters of buyers and sellers choose digital interactions rather than face-to-face interactions.2

Unlike traditional sales, sales videos are tailored to touch upon specific sales initiatives. Sales representatives can promote items, answer questions, and establish relationships with their audience by recording personalized video messages. Sales reps can deliver these video messages via email, social media, or embed them on websites. To create such custom video messages, sales reps can integrate sales video software to their sales processes.

Sales video software integrates visuals and sound to create customized sales videos. These videos support sales processes via capturing users’ attention and conveying companies’ sales objectives. By creating short and personalized video messages to address prospects’ issues, companies can increase engagement and effectively reach out to the entire target audience.

Sales video software provides features including personalized video messaging, screen recording, video editing, integration with CRM systems for targeted campaigns, and interactive elements such as call-to-action buttons to drive user response.

Generative AI in sales video software

~75% of generative AI applications focus on sales and marketing, software development, customer operations, and R&D.3 By integrating generative AI into sales and marketing processes, companies leverage increased personalized touch which is vital for strong customer connections. Stronger customer relations mean higher engagement rates and more leads. Check out our articles on generative AI in marketing and AI in sales to learn more about how generative AI elevates sales and marketing initiatives.

Generative AI in sales video software enables sales reps to create personalized videos, script writing and editing, avatar generation, and video summarizes based on the specific needs of the customers. These AI-powered personalized videos allow businesses to capture the customers’ attention more effectively than traditional text-based emails or calls. If you want to learn more about AI-powered video generation tools, read top 35 generative AI tools.

AI-powered sales video tools can also provide valuable analytics, enabling sales teams to track engagement metrics like views, click-through rates, and watch times, offering insights to refine and optimize future outreach strategies.

Key features list

  • AI avatar generation: AI avatars are digital representations of humans created with techniques like facial recognition, motion capture, and speech synthesis. AI algorithms analyze facial features and expressions to create and animate avatars and these avatars can mimic a wide range of human emotions and reactions. These avatars are customizable and users can personalize the appearance and voice of their avatars. Users can create AI avatars by choosing from pre-made avatars based on actual or synthetic humans or by uploading their own photos. Read more about AI avatar
  • Text-to-video generation: Text-to-video generation works by converting written content into dynamic video format integrating voiceovers, visuals, animations, and text to create a personalized video that conveys the sales messages. Natural language processing is utilized to analyze context, then most relevant images, video clips, and background music is integrated to the video. If you want to explore more about text-to-video generation, check out generative AI in marketing.
Figure 1: Text-to-video generation example4
  • Screen recording: Screen recording feature enables capturing and recording computer or mobile device screen and creating a video of the entire screen, a specific application window, or a user-defined area. Most screen recording tools also record audio and enable webcam integration which allows users to include picture-in-picture video of themselves, and basic video editing functions to trim, cut, or merge recordings.
  • Script generation: AI-driven script generation tools analyze existing content using natural language processing and create written content, dialogues, or narratives.
  • Video summary: Video summary tools utilize AI-powered algorithms to analyze the video content and identify key points, themes or moments. Video can then be split into separate chapters or these chapters can be compiled into a concise summary.
  • AI video editing: For example, filler words or long pauses can be automatically removed from recordings, and automated video transcriptions can be added.

Detailed software evaluation


Loom is the most popular software in this category in review platforms. It has integrations with Salesforce, Zoom, Slack, Google Workspace and Calendly and CRM tools to track engagement.


  • Organization and share: Users find it easy to organize and share video recording folders. See Figure 3.
  • Pricing: Users favor Loom for its lower pricing. See Figure 3.


  • Video recording: Some users experience issues when starting and stopping recording.5
Figure 3: Loom user review on Capterra6


Synthesia enables its customers to choose from pre-made video templates and customize them with their advanced editing features.


  • AI avatar: Users appreciate Synthesia’s high quality and realistic AI Avatar generation feature.7


  • Sharing options: Users suggest Synthesia to improve sharing and video embedding options.8


Vidyard’s key features include quick video editing including trimming and adding video action buttons and GIF preview generation.


  • Screen share and capture: Users state that Potion stands out for its simple screen sharing and capturing feature.9


  • Ease of use: Users find navigation and editing features not user-friendly and difficult to use.10

Hippo Video

Hippo Video’s focus areas include AI avatar video generation, video emails, auto generating video titles, and converting powerpoint & PDF documents into sales videos. Hippo Video also enables its users to interact with their customers by integrating forms, polls and surveys into their videos.


  • Ease of use: Users find Hippo Video’s screen and video recording feature easy to use.11
  • Integrations: Users find Hippo Video’s integration system with other tools including Gmail, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Google Slides useful.12


  • Technical problems: Some users experience technical issues such as lagging and slow loading times.13


BombBomb enables its customers to receive automated follow-up notifications to track engagement, and integration with CRM systems for scaling personalization efforts.


  • Automation: Users find BombBomb’s video email automation feature that schedules emails based on key triggers useful. See Figure 2.
  • Editing Features: Users favor BombBomb’s async video editing features that provide trimming and add-in scripting services.14
Figure 2: BombBomb user review on Capterra15


  • Integrations: Some users experience problems with CRM integrations.16
  • Interface: Some users finds BombBombs user interface difficult to use for email customization and finding previous videos.17


With Dubb, users can create videos directly from the browser, phone, or the Dubb app. Dubb’s key features are integrating call-to-action buttons to customizable video landing pages, and AI-powered real time feedback assistant.


  • Speed: Dubb has a simple user interface and enables users to create videos within minutes.18
  • Tracking feature: Users find Dubb’s tracking of user activity feature helpful for analyzing their viewing activity.19


  • Recording: Some users report issues with recording longer videos.20


Sendspark’s key features are creating automated dynamic background for videos and personalized video pages with the company’s logo. Sendspark also provides instant integration with sales automation tools such as Hubspot and Outreach.


  • Integration: Users find Sendspark’s integration with Hubspot useful.21
  • Personalization: Users praise Sendspark’s advanced personalization features for video sales. See Figure 7.


  • Web-based: Users express the need for a desktop version.22
Figure 7: Sendspark user review on Capterra23


Lumen5 specializes in converting long-form blogs and white papers to video content.


  • Video creation features: Users find Lumen5’s video creation, preview, and edit features easy to use. See Figure 4.
  • Stock footage: Users praise Lumen5’s wide selection of stock images and videos. See Figure 4.
Figure 4: Lumen5 user review on Capterra24


  • Free plan options: Some users criticized lack of video templates on free plan.See Figure 5.
  • Video rendering: Some reviewers complained about the long video rendering process. See Figure 5.
Figure 5: Lumen5 user review on G225


Berrycast’s key features are AI-powered note-taking and integration with Office365 and Gsuite for creating and sending video messages directly from your mailbox.


  • Cloud feature: Users find Berrycast’s cloud upload option for screen recording videos useful.26
  • Ease of use and customization: Users praise Berrycast’s easy to use interface and customization options.27


  • Editing features: Some users suggest enhancements on editing features such as re-recording or delete frame improvements.28
  • Performance: Users expressed performance issues like buffering and slow video playback.29


With Potion Video, users can create custom stickers, emojis, and gifs and integrate them with their video pages, and create meeting requests to boost sales outreach operations.


  • Personalization: Users note that Potion stands out for its advanced personalization features.30
  • Customer support and onboarding: Users find Potion’s customer support responsive and praise its detailed onboarding process. See Figure 6.
Figure 6: Potion user review on Capterra31


  • Scalable feature: Users suggest there can be improvements for scalable video features to be expanded to audio only videos.32

Soapbox by Wistia

Soapbox by Wistia’s key features are hosting live events and webinars and running A/B tests to gain insights of the video metrics.


  • Users find Soapbox easy to use with its split screen feature. See Figure 8.


  • Editing features can be improved because some users experience issues with clipping content out. See Figure 8.
Figure 8: Soapbox user review on Capterra33

How to choose the right video prospecting tool?

It can be challenging to decide which sales video tools are the most appropriate for your business. Here are some tips:

  1. Identify your sales objectives: Defining your intentions on how to use video in your sales strategy is an essential step before choosing the right tool for you. Focus on your goals – whether you want to increase lead generation, improve conversion rates, foster customer retention or expand your market different customer base. The software should offer features that align with your sales goals such as recording product demos, tracking engagement and follow-ups or creating interactive video content.
  2. Evaluate your budget and pricing options of the software: The cost of software is another point you need to consider while choosing the right vendor for you. Analyze your cost-to-benefit ratio and determine your budget to allocate on the software. Keep the initial purchasing price, the ongoing subscription fees, and the additional feature costs in mind.
  3. Understand your technical proficiency: Assessing your team’s technical capacity before your purchase will allow you to create effective sales videos without causing confusion for your sales team. If your team is not proficient in video software, you can prioritize tools with user-friendly interfaces, pre-made video templates or automated video recording features.
  4. Focus on your clients: Understanding your client base is the key for successful sales. Focus on the needs and expectations of your clients to carefully decide which tool to choose. If your clients favor personalized and interactive videos, you can choose a software that provides customization and interactive features such as custom avatars, stickers or gifs. 

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