A responsive, lean organization that delivers results is the goal of every executive. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provides the flexible yet powerful automation tool to achieve that.

In this comprehensive guide, we explain in detail how RPA can be applied in your business and provide answers to any RPA related questions such as types of RPA, its application areas and its benefits

Table of contents

Executive Summary


Manual processes are holding your organization back

Industries ripe for automation with RPA

  • Financial services including banking and insurance
  • Utilities like telecom and energy
  • Other industries

RPA can automate your manual processes

  • Components of RPA
    • Programming
    • Graphical User Interfaces
    • Recording macros
    • Self-learning bots
  • Possible activities of RPA bots
  • Types of RPA automation
    • Attended automation
    • Unattended automation
  • Benefits
    • Overall benefits
    • Benefits to Customer Satisfaction
    • Benefits to Analytics
    • Benefits to HR
    • Compliance benefits
  • Future of RPA
    • No code RPA


Additional resources

  • Articles on RPA
  • Podcasts

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