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How to Choose the Best Process Mining Consultant in '24

How to Choose the Best Process Mining Consultant in '24How to Choose the Best Process Mining Consultant in '24

Process mining stats show that business process mining can

  • Optimize processes by 22%
  • Increase process conformance by 40-65%
  • Boost process automation rates by 50%.

Despite such benefits, 79% of businesses have not applied it due to the lack of process mining skills within a business team. One way to tackle this problem is to partner with a process mining consultant to increase automation, monitor processes and identify improvement opportunities.

In this article, we explain how and when to choose a process mining consultant and what are the benefits of working with a consultant.

What is a process mining consultant?

Process mining consultant is an expert who works with process data, identifies relevant process mining algorithms, applies them to this data, and interprets the results in a manner that optimizes business strategies and increases efficiency. The responsibilities they have include:

  • Managing end-to-end process mining initiatives of the company
  • Working closely with data engineers to run data identification, extraction, and transformation (ETL) data processes:
    • Cleaning the data captured from corporate IT systems (e.g., digital footprints showing timestamps, activities, and case IDs)
    • Transforming this data into event logs
  • Connecting process mining solutions to company’s IT systems
  • Creating visualizations such as process graphs
  • Designing and developing process monitoring dashboards
  • Analyzing and interpreting the findings
  • Drawing conclusions and recommendations
  • Advising on process mining capability development and strategy

What to consider when choosing a process mining consultant?

Some of the qualifications process mining consultants should have include:

  • Domain expertise: The consultant should have the necessary expertise with one or more process mining tools. The consultant should be versatile in data analysis and visualization.   
  • Industry-related experience: The consultant should have experience and knowledge of your business industry and processes (e.g. finance, logistics, healthcare).
  • Cost: You should consider your budget while partnering with a consultant. For a start-up, it might be less costly to partner with a small sized consultancy business.    
  • Support model: You should check services that are provided by the consultancy. For instance, you should make sure the consultant’s customer support team size, team’s timetable, support channels, and cooperation terms fit your business needs.

What are the use cases where process mining consultants needed the most?

Some of the most important areas to consider partnering up with a process mining consultant include:

  • Operational Data Collection: To model processes, consultants collect, clean and transform the operational data. Businesses receive massive amounts of data everyday but consultants help companies to specify and categorize the data by prioritizing the information.
  • Process Conformance Check: In order to improve processes, the consultants examine existing process models to set benchmarks. Based on these models, they assess the areas for improvement.
  • IT Audits: The consultants explore the ways IT audits use process mining. Based on that, they provide improvements on the performance of automated processes.
  • Process Baseline Assessment: The consultants find bottlenecks and excess workflows. By doing so, they set the process standards.
  • Opportunity Identification: The consultants identify automated business processes to discover opportunities for further automation.

What are the benefits of working with process mining consultants?

Process mining consultants contribute to the business by:

  • Identifying places to automate
  • Monitoring for better business outcomes
  • Increasing efficiency of business processes

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