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20+ NFT Stats in 2024: Market Size, Companies, Users, & More

Cem Dilmegani
Updated on Jan 3
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NFT became the word of the year in the Collins dictionary in 2021. NFTs have attracted the interest of various parties from different sectors. Even though the initial hype in the NFT market has blown off, we expect them to stay around due to their use cases in both the virtual and the real worlds. 

In this article, we have provided you with different statistics related to NFTs from reputable sources. 

NFT Market

Market size and overview 

  1. NFT traded volume (excluding wash trades) in 2022 Q1 was $7.87 billion, marking a %4.6 decline compared to 2021 Q4. (Non-Fungible
  2. The NFT market grew by more than %21,000 in 2021. (Non-Fungible
  3. NFT dollar sales volume reached more than $17 billion in 2021. (Non-Fungible)
  4. 50% of the transactional value is owned by 2% of collectors. (PwC)
  5. OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace. (DappRadar)
  6. Most NFTs are created on the Ethereum blockchain. (Crypto Slam
  7. Solana blockchain has become the 2nd most used blockchain for NFT trading. (The block

Figure 1. NFT Trade volume by chain 

NFT trade volume by chain
Source: The Block

Market Segment based on NFT types

  1. NFTs can be segmented based on their function. The most sought-after NFTs are collectibles. 

Figure 2. NFT trade volume by segment 

NFT segmentation based on type
Source : Non-Fungible

Top NFT Sales 

  1. The Merge NFT sold for $91.8 million, making it the most expensive NFT sold. (Barrons)
  2. The Doge meme NFT sold for $4.1 million in November 2021 making it the most expensive meme NFT. (NBC News)
  3. The first real-estate NFT was sold for a house in Ukraine for $93,000. (Propy)

NFT Companies 


  1. NFT companies raised $7.4B in 2022 Q1 from venture capitals. (PitchBook)
  2. Most of the VCs funds in the NFT market have gone to the gaming segment in 2022 Q1. (PitchBook)
  3. 14% of all fundraising deals in the crypto area went to the NFT sector. (PwC)

Figure 3. Fund raised by NFT companies in Q1 2022.

NFTs fund raised from VCs
Source: PitchBook


  1. OpenSea, the biggest NFT marketplace, valued at $13.5 billion. (The New York Times)
  2. Sorare, an NFT-based fantasy sports game, valued at $4.3 billion. ( Sifted
  3. Dapper lab, maker of NBA Top Shot NFTs, valued at $7.6 billion. (CNBC)
  4. Sky Mavis, the creator of the NFT-based digital game Axie Infinity,  valued at nearly $3 Billion. (VentureBeat)
  5. Magic Eden, a Solana-based NFT marketplace, valued at $1.6 billion. (Bloomberg)
CompanyLatest fundraising date*IndustryType of fundraising*ValuationHQ location*Lead Investors*
OpenSea04/01/2022NFT MarketplaceSeries C$13.3BUSA Paradigm & Coatue
Dapper Lab
21/09/2021Sports NFTs collectibles Series D$7.6BCanada Coatue
Sorare20/09/2021Fantasy sportSeries B$4.3BFranceSoftbank
Sky Mavis05/10/2021P2E gameSeries B$3.0BSingapore A16z
Magic Eden21/06/2022NFT MarketplaceSeries B$1.6BUSAGreylock & Electric Capital

* Source: Crunchbase

NFT users Segmentation 

Geographical breakdown 

  1. Search Interest in NFTs based on countries and territories are as follows:( from 0 to 100 scale, 100 is the location with the most popularity as a share of total searches, and 0 means that there was not enough data.) 
Country/RegionDec 2021
Jan 2022Feb 2022Mar 2022Apr 2022Ma 2022

Hong Kong SAR
United Arab Emirates344248515150
South Korea465246475049

Source: Statista

Demographic breakdown

  1. Millennials are more likely to collect NFTs compared to other age groups. (Morning Consult)
  2. Men are more likely to collect NFTs compared to women. (Morning Consult)
  1. 29% of all adults are interested in investing or holding NFTs. (Morning Consult)

Figure4. Age and gender breakdown of NFT enthusiasts.

Demographic breakdown of NFT collectors
Source: (Morning Consult)

Frauds and Hacks

  1. Frosties NFTs creator pulled a rug pull scam and took $1.1 million from users. (Business Insider)
  2. Hackers stole $1.7 million worth of NFTs from OpenSea users. (Business Insider)

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