Leading global marketing technology vendors

We have been researching both public data and also talking to leaders in marketing space to understand AI in marketing technology. These are the leading vendors in this space that we identified. If you see any missing leading vendor in this space, please let us know, we would love to feature them.

As expected US vendors top the list. However, potentially due to our focus on Western markets, we are featuring too few Chinese vendors. We will develop our knowledge of the Chinese market for the second version of this map and your suggestions on Chinese vendors would also be appreciated.

We classified vendors according to their primary activities, in short:

Optimize pricing and placement: Improve your online presence, optimize your prices, personalize your merchandising decisions based on your customers’ preferences

Personalize recommendations: Go beyond segments to enable personal recommendations based on your customers’ behaviour both on and outside your website.

Optimize marketing: Personalize timing, channel and content of your messages to enable 1-1 marketing

Collect&leverage feedback: Filter through the noise to understand your audience and interact with them

You can find detailed explanations of these activities and use cases under these activities in a previous blog post.

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