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Get started: Email cem at a 2 sentence pitch about the article and 2 sentences on your qualifications. If we can host your content, we will get in touch with you in a couple days. We will share with you the username and password you can use to contribute to our blog.

Topic&title: Our audience is companies looking to use AI in the business. An engaging title and a focus on how they can improve their business and become the smartest person in the room when it comes to AI, go a long way in attracting interest.

Content: We only promote original, fact-based content. We host content exclusively for a month, after which you can publish it in other media as well.

Self-promotion: Let your work promote yourself or your company. Your article and the insights included should be exciting enough for readers to look at the writer and explore her other work. Please do not include more than one direct link to your products or services in your article.

Length: We aim to publish 1000+ word articles written as concisely as possible. We are all fans of Hemingway at AIMultiple!

Links: For links, we prefer explanatory text like this one: comprehensive guide on Robotic Process Automation. If relevant, please provide a link to another article on our blog or a relevant section on This will help us track unauthorized copies.

Images and video: Feel free to add youtube or vimeo videos. Please enrich your articles with relevant images and make sure that you own and have rights to all content submitted with your article.

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