Deception technology is a growing part of modern intrusion detection systems. See our article on deception technology to learn more. Read on to understand deception technology ecosystem and a comprehensive list of vendors.

Deception Technology Ecosystem

Incumbent security software providers

Companies like Symantec provide end-to-end cybersecurity solutions including solutions that include deception technology


Numerous startups have been launched since 2010s focusing on deception security.

Complete List of Deception Technology Vendors

CompanyLaunched on*Number of employees on Linkedin**
Shape Security2011101-250
Attivo Networks2015101-250
Acalvio Technologies201551-100
Illusive networks201451-100
TrapX Security201226-50
Minerva Labs201426-50
Allure Security Technology201111-25
CyberTrap Software201511-25
Smokescreen Technologies201511-25
Hexis Cyber Solutions201311-25
TopSpin Security (Acquired by Fidelis Cybersecurity)201311-25
Ridgeback Network Defense20141-10
Percipient Networks20141-10
Symantec Endpoint Protection2017

* Date when tool was launched not the day the company was launched. This is because Symantec’s founding date is irrelevant when discussing their tool which provides features of deception technology.

** Only relevant for startups that focus on a single product because Symantec’s number of employees is irrelevant when discussing their specific deception security tool.

This is possibly an incomplete list in an emerging field, feel free to suggest other vendors in comments. And if you need to find the right AI vendors for information security:

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  1. FortiDeceptor from Fortinet should also be considered for this list.
    Some details can be found here

  2. Consider adding PacketViper to the list of Deception companies.
    PacketViper is a lightweight, active, cybersecurity deception technology. The Deception360

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