Cognitive computing is another term for AI and cognitive analytics is analytics that leverages the latest advances in AI.

Wikipedia agrees with that. Wikipedia states that:

At present, there is no widely agreed upon definition for cognitive computing in either academia or industry.

And then goes on to explain that cognitive computing includes AI. We couldn’t agree more.

Though there is some verbiage around how cognitive differs from AI, we have not seen any rational  description of that difference. Vendors and some industry analysts and pundits make ill-defined distinctions between the 2 technologies but as a computer scientist and AI industry analyst, I can’t tell the difference. So unless someone comes along with a clear definition of how cognitive computing is different from AI, we act as though they are the same.

AI may be replacing cognitive computing & analytics terms. The term cognitive computing and cognitive analytics are decreasing in popularity while the popularity of AI analytics is increasing.

Correlation between cognitive computing, cognitive analytics and AI analytics

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