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CMMS for Healthcare: Top 3 Benefits & Case Studies in 2024

Cem Dilmegani
Updated on Nov 19
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CMMS for Healthcare: Top 3 Benefits & Case Studies in 2024CMMS for Healthcare: Top 3 Benefits & Case Studies in 2024

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a software that helps companies improve the effectiveness of asset maintenance management. A CMMS enables organizations to improve stock control, centralize asset maintenance information, enhance decision-making, employ a predictive maintenance approach, and reduce energy usage.

  • CMMS is one of the top technology solutions for asset maintenance and almost %30 of organizations are planning to implement it.
  • Three-quarters of the current CMMS users highlight the positive impact of this software in their business processes.

In this article, we will explore how the healthcare sector benefits from CMMS and what are the best practices.

What is the role of CMMS in the healthcare sector?

Streamlines Equipment Maintenance

A CMMS makes maintenance-related information accessible to all stakeholders within a healthcare organization by centralizing all information related to asset maintenance such as:

  • Asset information
  • Work orders
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Repair manuals

Maintenance teams in hospitals can use a CMMS to streamline equipment maintenance and ensure the reliability of their equipment while saving time and preventing unexpected breakdowns. A CMMS keeps maintenance staff informed about their responsibilities and facilitates real-time communication between all parties.

Increases Patient Safety

Medical equipment failures can have fatal consequences in a hospital. According to a global investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, around two million injuries and more than 80,000 deaths are due to faulty medical devices in the last decade. Therefore, preventing such malfunctions is one of the most important priorities of a hospital. 

With CMMS, hospitals can schedule preventive maintenance based on a specific period of time, equipment use, or an abnormal condition. In this way, hospitals can avoid fatal risks through effective risk management and ensure both the safety of patients and employees.

Improves Decision-Making and Compliance

One of the most important qualities of a CMMS is its ability to document and generate reports about the situation of medical equipment, maintenance history, work order management, and others. This enables healthcare organizations to make better and data-driven decisions using historical information that CMMS provides. In addition, through its digital archive and ease of report generation, a CMMS facilitates auditing processes for healthcare institutions.

Case Studies

Health and Hospital Corp.

Problem: Health and Hospital Corporation has 17 clinics, facilities, and labs across Marion County, and each facility is subject to different government regulations. The company needed a system to manage preventive maintenance on their assets in these facilities as well as keep track of over 2,200 work requests per year.

Solution: The company implemented a CMMS solution that enables 1000 workers to submit maintenance requests, notify the requester after the work order is completed, and generate detailed reports.

Result: With the help of the CMMS solution, the hospital has been able to manage over 2000 assets, track time and expenses for each building and department for budget reconciliation and decide whether to repair or replace the assets. The company also decreased the equipment replacement expenses thanks to preventive maintenance.1

Forth Valley Hospital

Problem: Forth Valley Hospital is the largest NHS project in Scotland with almost 1000 beds and one of the most well-equipped hospitals in Europe. The hospital needed an automated system that could reduce the manual paperwork and phone calls for asset management, maintenance planning, and inventory administration.

Solution: Forth Valley Hospital adopted a two-layered solution: a fleet of robots that carry out the routine delivery of meals to patients, and a CMMS tool to manage the robots.

Result: The CMMS solution helped the hospital integrate the robots to its overall hospital management system. The tool enabled employees all across the company to log and monitor their maintenance request with a visual drag and drop scheduler that enables effective work order management, employee allocation, and resourcing.2

Riddle Memorial Hospital

Problem: The expansion of the Riddle Memorial Hospital from a single building to a 252-bed multi-facility over the last 40 years necessitated its maintenance and facility department to have a greater organizational and management capacity.

Solution: The hospital implemented a CMMS solution for asset and facility management that helped the maintenance team leaders keep track of the corrective and preventive maintenance work orders.

Result: With the preventive maintenance enabled by the CMMS tool, the hospital reduced the service calls from visitors due to asset problems decreased from 190 to 7 a day. Moreover, according to hospital executives, the ease of tracking the work orders and generating reports improved the efficiency and productivity of hospital management.3

If you are ready to implement a CMMS solution and want to explore tools on the market, feel free to check our data-driven list of CMMS tools. If you have other questions, we can help:

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