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7 Best Practices of Brand Awareness Survey in 2024

Interest in brand awareness on search engines in the last five years.

Figure 1. Interest in brand awareness on Google search engine in the last five years

The popularity of “brand awareness” keyword searches on Google has almost tripled in recent years (Figure 1), and marketers state their utmost priority for the next year is to build brand awareness (Figure 2). To increase brand awareness, companies apply various strategies such as:

  • Valuable content creation to attract readers’ attention 
  • Influencer marketing, 
  • Interact with potential customers at events 
  • Leveraging social media as it is used by 70% of marketers
This image shows how important brand awareness is for the companies and why they should conduct brand awareness survey to get insights.

Source: Nielsen

Figure 2. Marketers stated building brand awareness as their top priority in the next year.

Companies don’t usually measure brand awareness, though, because making changes to operations is expensive. Because of this, companies tend to keep things the same as long as there aren’t any big changes. At AIMultiple, we believe in data-driven decision-making. Thus, organizations should conduct surveys to understand and measure their brand image and make data-driven decisions.

This article highlights

  • What a brand awareness survey is
  • How to measure brand awareness
  • Best practices of brand awareness surveys
  • Essential questions to include in a brand awareness survey
  • Survey distribution methods.

What is a brand awareness survey?

The pyramid of customer journey

Source: visme

Figure 3. The pyramid of a customer journey from awareness to retention.

Brand awareness is the first step in becoming a consumer of a business (Figure 3). Companies perform brand awareness surveys to learn how well-known their services, goods, or brand is among consumers, and to create effective marketing plans. Increasing brand recognition is essential for businesses to remain competitive and support customers’ journeys.

How to measure brand awareness?

Brand awareness is usually measured via surveys, interviews, focus groups, and other alternative data such as search engine results, social media, and website engagements. Companies should pool the data to make historical comparisons and see progress over time.

What are the benefits of brand awareness surveys?

Surveys are useful for measuring brand awareness as they allow companies to collect feedback from a diverse group of people quickly. Compared to interviews or focus groups, surveys ensure anonymity, which is why they are preferred over the other methods.

7 insights brand awareness surveys provide

1- Measure current brand awareness and impressions

Businesses can learn about customers’ familiarity with their brand, their products’ popularity, and the competitive products in the market. 

2- Learn about population segments

In most cases, one size does not fit all. A single marketing campaign cannot apply to all customers, and while some of them would benefit from it, others would be bothered. By including demographic questions in the brand awareness survey, you can determine which demographic groups are content with particular goods, services, or marketing initiatives and which groups have complaints. This allows companies to communicate with different population segments uniquely.

3- Analyze the sentiment with open-ended questions

Asking customers “why” or “how” questions can reveal a lot about their feelings and thoughts. Companies implement sentiment analysis to examine and categorize their customers’ sentiments into positive, negative, and neutral to see the patterns, trends, or overall sentiment toward the brand. However, be cautious with open-ended questions as they can discourage respondents from providing detailed information about their preferences. 

You can learn more about sentiment analysis benefits for businesses.

4- Measure progress over time through quantitative data

Although qualitative data tells about a customer’s perception of a brand,  you need quantitative data to measure it. For instance, finding out how much, how frequently, or when a consumer made their first purchase can help you better assess the performance of the business.

5- Understand the relationship between customers’ thoughts and the ROI of marketing campaigns

It’s possible that you put a lot of money into one of your marketing initiatives and saw a great ROI, but you still have questions about what the campaign’s current users think and whether you should keep using it or discontinue. These insights can help you align with your marketing goals.

6- Learn how to strengthen relationships with the customers

Once you learn what customers think about your brand through the surveys, you can better know their thoughts, preferences, pain points, or wishes. This can help improve communication with the customers and attract the target audience.

7- Get valuable insights into how to attract new customers

Brand awareness survey questions not only help understand the current customers’ thoughts, feelings, and needs but also help understand which factors (e.g., the time of the day they receive notifications, e-mails, etc. from the company) can be effective in obtaining new customers in the target market.

Essential brand awareness questions to ask in a survey

Here are some questions that any brand awareness survey should include:

  • When did you first hear about our brand?
  • How often do you hear about our brand?
  • In what context do you hear about our brand?
  • How familiar are you with our brand?
  • How successful do you find our brand mission?
  • What is your favorite thing about our brand?
  • What are the describing words that you associate with our brand?
  • Have you ever encountered any of our marketing campaigns?
    • Tell more about your experience.
    • Rate how successful the campaign was.
  • How would you rate our marketing efforts in general?

How to distribute a brand awareness survey?

Figure 4. Distribution methods of brand awareness surveys

Companies distribute brand awareness surveys through different methods such as e-mails, online forums, social media platforms, etc.

You can also check our data-driven list of survey participant recruitment services and our data-driven list of market research tools.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about conducting surveys:

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