Anyone looking to get into the exciting world of cryptocurrency needs to know the ins and outs of blockchain technology. For most, enlisting the help of a skilled blockchain consultant is a crucial part of navigating the process and building their portfolio.

Blockchain consulting encompasses a range of different services, and requires a skillset that is rarely seen in any other type of consulting work. Not only does a blockchain consultant need superior business skills, but there must also be an advanced level of technical expertise to do the job effectively.

The ability to cut across different domains is what makes blockchain consulting unique, and blockchain consultants such a valuable asset. Here is some information on the kinds of services you can expect from an experienced blockchain consultant.

Market Analysis

One critical element of blockchain consulting deals with analyzing the marketplace for current industry trends and market movements. With such a relatively new and unknown commodity, it’s imperative to have someone you can trust to compile the latest information and help point you in the right direction.

Blockchain Startup Strategy

Navigating the startup process, from the initial idea to full implementation, requires a range of skills and is another hallmark of blockchain consulting. Most blockchain startups encounter common hurdles that can prevent them from gaining momentum, but a qualified blockchain consultant can help.

Investment Advice

Investing in various blockchain assets can be one of the most confusing activities you’ll ever encounter if you don’t have industry experience and a deep knowledge of how the market ebbs and flows. An effective blockchain consultant should be well versed in all facets of what makes a blockchain successful and what isn’t worth your time.

Business Development Services

This service takes the previous ones a few steps further by implementing business processes and helping clients plug inefficiencies that could cause problems in the future. By developing a relevant target market, analyzing past cases and using sound business practices combined with technology know-how, your blockchain consultant will make a big difference in the success of your business.

The ICO Process

Reputable blockchain consulting services should also include help navigating the ICO process. When a new business venture needs to raise funds to get off the ground, it’s important to sell your vision in a way that will motivate others to buy in, and a successful Initial Coin Offering can do just that.

Compliance and Regulatory Services

Regulation and compliance are two components that can easily be missed, or at least mishandled, without a knowledgeable consultant in your corner. In a fast-moving and ever-changing industry like blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it’s important to be up to date on all the current regulatory processes and compliant in every aspect of your business.

Notable Success Stories

A couple of real-life examples of how blockchain consulting helped new ventures explode onto the scene are MobileGo and Monster Byte. MobileGo is a mobile site by GameCredits, which launched the very first mobile store that utilizes cryptocurrencies. The MobileGo ICO raised $4 million on the first day alone, and then continued on to raise a massive $53 million.

Monster Byte, a gambling platform using cryptocurrency where bettors can gamble on sports or play classic games like Black Jack and roulette, was another big ICO success. In their pre-sale, they sold out of 2.5 million tokens in just five minutes, then sold more than 5 million tokens during the ICO.

With these kinds of success stories, it’s easy to see why so many people are eager to get into the blockchain industry. Just keep in mind that having a professional blockchain consultant to help you navigate the water is critical to your success.

If you’re eager to get into this growing industry, fill out a request today so we can recommend the blockchain consultant that has the right experience and expertise to work with you.

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  1. Great take on blockchain I feel like we throw these terms around loosely without really grasping the impact of them. Your article is well structured and has an easy flow for getting a high-level overview of the benefits of blockchain and smart contracts for business. The hard part now is getting people to use these networks at a time when they don

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