People are curious about AI. People who know little about AI either fear that it will destroy the world or that it will never reach human capabilities. People who know about AI are excited that we are uncovering the secrets of cognition however they are frustrated with the slowness of progress and the growing hype. But all these people want to know the people and companies behind AI.

We set out to create to provide objective, quantitative data on AI so we will first cover who the players are. We are building the most comprehensive map of AI companies ever built. When we released our initial map with 500 vendors at the beginning of the week, the overwhelming reaction was: “Where is my AI startup?”

So now we are making sure that we provide a comprehensive map. We have 600+ companies already categorized and everyday we are getting input from tens of AI vendors. We will soon release the full map and you can get on the waiting list to access it before anyone else: You may have noticed that this is under another domain. While we provide the best AI commentary and services, our sister company appliedAI provides the data we use in our services.

Our current view of the high-level AI landscape

Before we release the full market map, we can already share some high-level insights:

  • Though we focused on only a few AI use cases in operations such as predictive maintenance and collaborative robots, operations is the area of most AI vendors, followed by marketing.
  • In terms of industries, fintech and healthcare have quite similar number of vendors though healthcare is a bit more popular.

All for now! You can check out AI applications in marketing, sales, customer service, IT, data or analytics. And If you have a business problem that is not addressed here:

Let us find the right vendor for your business

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